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“Somewhere there is a secluded spot deep in the wilds beside a lake or stream where you should have a permanent shelter that will forever beckon and urge you to come and camp and enjoy true sanctuary.....” -From Bernard S. Mason’s Woodcraft.  Have us build your complete cedar lean-to for as little as $7,995.

Cedar Arbors

Nothing can liven up a yard or garden like a cedar arbor. We would be privileged to create one for you for as little as $400.

Cedar Logs

Whether it is railings, supports, or siding corners, cedar logs are a mainstay in rustic building. Mill and Hammer aims to have an adequate supply of both peeled and bark-on cedar logs, in all sizes. Contact us for inventory and prices.

Cedar Flares

Cedar flares can be as dramatic or subtle as you would like. Either way, the “elephant feet” epitomize the difference between our products and traditional building materials

Cedar Branches

Cedar Branches are commonly used to add detail to railings or furniture.

White Birch Bark

White Birch Bark has become a symbol of the Adirondack style. Whether it is used in a picture frame like this pre-1910 Ernest Stowe work or diamond accents liven up a wall, this material offers endless creative opportunities. Contact us for inventory and supplies.

Yellow Birch Poles and
Root Flares

Yellow birch poles and root flares are a mainstay of rustic furniture builders. Few wood products are as interesting a our lares that we dig and cut during the winter moths and store in dry locations to assure tight barked pieces. Ask us and we will send you pictures and prices of the roots we have in stock. Straight poles are readily available.

Brainstorm Siding

The year was 1907. Master Adirondack builder Ben Muncil was working on White Pine Camp The design of this Great Camp was unlike all of its counterparts throughout the region, as it was missing the rustic touch. Working with a local sawmill, Muncil created a simple siding that blended nicely with the style of the camp and with the woodsy surroundings.

Mill and Hammer is able to supply you with the highest quality white cedar or white pine brainstorm siding, manufactured a stones throw from White Pine Camp.

Rough Cut Lumber

Ask us about our rough cut lumber. Two by material to be used as trim with brainstorm is readily available. We can arrange for custom sawing of timbers for boathouse cribbing or post and beam construction projects.

When shopping for this product, ask your supplier:

  1. 1) Is your product kiln dried? if it is not, you should consider going elsewhere.

  2. 2)What unit of measurement are you using for your brainstorm?

  3. 3)What is your price per unit? Obviously number two and three need to be considered together.

  4. 4)Is the non wany edge of your product straight? Having a straight edge to work with when installing brainstorm is a huge advantage.

Ask us these questions and you will want to buy from us!

Mill and Hammer is able to supply you with the highest quality white cedar or white pine brainstorm siding. For more history on brainstorm siding: